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Benchrates — the platform where algorithm computes Values of NHL players and top professional leagues players in real time, where people rate players and where ratings based on Values are generated.

Here each bencher can rate players and evaluate their skills, write useful and interesting posts, publish own content, discuss rates, ratings, and current topics, share knowledge and experience.

Here each bencher can find Values of professional players, useful ratings based on these Values, posts, rates, and comments of people who really understand hockey, profiles with up-to-date information, lots of feeds with original content.


  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Staff
  • Leagues
  • Clubs
  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Agents
  • Referees
  • Narrow specialists
  • Juniors coaches
  • Doctors
  • Media
  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Podcasts
  • Channels
  • Journalists
  • Retired players
  • Graduates of the academies
  • Amateur players
  • Hockey families
  • Famous brands
  • Small companies
  • Analysts
  • Fans
  • People in the industry

Here useful statistics should be... But Benchrates was launched recently and we are collecting data about our users and traffic now. However we can definitely say that our users — people with an above-average income.

So, one acceptable level hockey gear set cost from $1500 to $3000 and one stick from $200 to $350. Attending hockey game may cost from $50 to $300 and above for one person in different countries. It is a part of expenses for so expensive and regular hobby only.


Benchrates was launched recently, for this reason you can start testing your advertising opportunities here: it is significantly cheaper than alternatives. We offer companies and entrepreneurs to start advertising on the Benchrates products and services worldwide. Just choose one or some ways to interact with our community and here's what we have 🙂


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    We can create different custom content for you. It may be effective texts and posts, native and product, short and long, even interactive. Also we will get your idea or offer across our community. A quality content usually get a good number of impressions on the Benchrates 🙂

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What is a minimum ad budget to launching?
We recommend launch media ad by $1000 or higher. It is minimum value that to help you get objective and useful results for analysis and to reach sufficient audience.

Do you launch ad to CPA/CPC models?
We usually work to CPM model, but sometimes we can use CPC/CPA models if you have really good offer.

Who create the banners?
You create banners according to our tech requirements. There are not many of them, but it is important. Also we can make banners ourselves, this option and its price need to be discussed additional. So, mail to us anyway.

Something else about our ad
You can sign up a company account and create own content on the Benchrates. The content will be display in the Main feed and in feeds of your subscribers. It is free. You even can get a verification icon if your account is real and accord our Community Guidelines.

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