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Last updated: january 2023

This Cookies Policy applies always when you use or see our Platform. (“Platform”) embraces any services provided by Benchrates. Where we refer to “Benchrates”, “we” or “us” in this Cookies Policy, we mean Benchrates Limited.

Our Platform uses cookies and other tracking technologies like many websites and apps for example pixels and local storage. These technologies give us opportunities to store information or get access to information stored on your device to enable particular features and to recognize your device among others. Tracking technologies are used by most apps to recognise that a device is the same as one used previously and to understand some of its attributes so that we can show you advertising, rate the performance of ads, and to upgrade your experience. This policy describes how we use these technologies, and the choices you have to control them. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, our Privacy Policy applies to the data we collect.

  • What technologies we use

    Our Platform uses the following technologies:

    Cookies. Cookies are small text files that give us and our service providers and partners an opportunity to identify your browser or device for different purposes, including those described above. Cookies usually work by assigning a unique number to your device and are stored on your browser by the websites that you view and also as third party service providers and partners to those websites.

    Cookies can store on your computer or mobile device for different time. Some cookies are "session cookies", it means that they store only while your browser is open and are deleted automatically when you close your browser. Session cookies cannot be used to track your browser events to other websites.

    Other cookies are "persistent cookies", it means that they store after your browser is closed. Most persistent cookies are set to automatically expire after a defined duration (for example, a few days, weeks or months). When you return to that website (or visit other websites that use the same cookies) the website provider or its service providers can recognise the persistent cookies they have set and recognise your device.

    Local Storage. Local storage files are created by apps and websites to store information locally on your device. They are very similar to cookies, but can have some different properties (for example, local storage can be used to store more information and can be stored in a different location on your device to cookies). Local storage is usually used to speed up apps and sites and store your preferences.

    Application Programmable Interface (API). An API is a piece of software which helps two or more applications to interact. We use them to communicate between us and our service providers.

    Pixels. Pixels are small 1 pixel x 1 pixel invisible image files that are embedded in some website pages. They can be used to collect information about your visit to that website page.

    When you open a website page with an embedded pixel, the page will automatically run small code that downloads the 1x1 image file to your device. At the same time, the code also passes some information about your device and your events on the website. Your preferences in the website can then be saved and used for analytics or advertising purposes.

  • Categories of tracking technologies

    The types of tracking technologies used by us and our partners with the purpose to provide the Platform can be classified into the following categories. The following is a list of of the categories of tracking technologies we use:

    Necessary. This category allows you to use the simplest functions of the website (navigation, authentication, creating an account and, for example, write a post or use the search). Also for correct work we determine which device you use, the software version and the screen dimensions. We recognise you when you return to our Platform to make sure that you are its you and to prevent activity that violates our policies. Besides this category give an opportunity accessing secure areas of the website/app.

    Functional. This category helps to make the Platform work more efficiently and to upgrade and customize your experience. For example, we can provide personalized content in according with your preferences.

    Analytical. This category helps us understand what you like most on the website (visited pages, popular features, liked content). Trade statistics help us to give you an interesting and useful experience and also to prevent possible errors and bugs.

    Marketing. Our Platform uses advertising and measurement tracking technologies. These tracking technologies help us and our advertisers show you relevant advertising and measure the performance of ad campaigns. We also use these technologies to promote Benchrates on the other platforms and websites and measure their effectiveness.

  • Do other parties use these technologies on our Platform?

    Tracking technologies can either be “first-party” or “third-party”. First-party tracking technologies refers to tracking technologies that we set and use directly. Third-party tracking technologies refer to tracking technologies set by third parties (for example our analytics or advertising service providers).

    Our partners may use these technologies on our Platform to help us and our advertisers understand how effective their ads are and to compare this to their campaigns on other websites and apps. You can find a list of these partners below.

  • How can I control tracking technologies?

    You can control how these technologies are used:

    Cookies. You always can change your consent and cookie selection by clicking button below

    Partner opt-outs. Many of the partners we work with also provide opt-outs on their own websites. You can find details of this in their own policies, which are linked to from our Cookies Partner List.

    As described above, some uses of these technologies are necessary for the functioning of the Platform and so you cannot deactivate them.

  • More information about these technologies

    You can find more information about cookies at All about cookies

  • Cookies policy updates

    We will update this policy if there are changes in our practices. When we post changes to this policy, we will change the "Last Updated" date at the top of this policy. If we make any material changes in the way we collect, use, and/or share information using these technologies, we will notify you by features of the Platform.

  • Contact us

    You can contact us:

  • Cookie Partner List

    This page lists the companies that use cookies and other technologies on our Platform. From time to time, we may change the companies we work with to provide our Platform.

    Last updated: january 2023



    Categories of Data. Device identifiers to collect and store information such as number of sessions per user, session duration, operating system, device models, geography, first launches, and app updates.

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